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NO experience needed!!

A modern take on the classic membership!


In lieu of the traditional membership setup, we offer class packs, available in sets of 4, 6, and 8.

Shortly after purchase, you will recieve a unique "promo" code via email, to book your sessions. Class packs never expire, and sessions can be booked at your leisure. No unused time, no money wasted. 


Learn about pottery with private instruction, tailored to meet your specific needs and interests! Each session is all-inclusive, covering the cost of tools, materials, and firings. Book your sessions for the same week, or spread them out across the month or year!







Over the course of several sessions, you will be taught the fundamentals of wheel throwing. Sessions are entirely customizable, allowing to you to focus purely on what you are interested in - from wedging and centering, to pulling walls, trimming your vessel, and glazing.

For those of you with past experience, lessons will be structured around your specific goals for the course, in an effort to build upon established skills.


Absolutely NO experience needed, as instruction will be tailored to meet your specific needs, and move at your desired pace. You will receive 90 minutes of hands-on one on one instruction per class session. 


All tools and materials will be provided, and the cost of firing is included!


Class Packs for 1 Person (private)

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